Is Your Portfolio a Crime Scene?

Ed Butowsky Investment Forensics

The Investments Forensics process is NOT your financial advisor’s friend. Your current advisor wishes you NEVER came to this site because it may expose the fact that they LACK the knowledge to correctly structure and manage your portfolio.

The world of personal investing is flooded with a bewildering mix of half-truths, conflicts of interest and pure nonsense. Even worse, the vast majority of people is ill equipped to navigate through the muddy waters of investing, so they turn to investment professionals who have little training on structuring portfolios, and therefore lacks the knowledge to minimize risk while maximizing returns.

Investment Forensics Reveals…

• The relationship between your portfolio’s standard deviation versus its rate of return

• How much risk you’re taking in your investments and the probability of a loss based on historical data

• How much money you would lose if there was a downturn in the market

• How variance drag is dramatically effecting your compounded returns

• Your Sharpe Ratio; what it is and what it means for your portfolio

• Precisely where your hidden fees are hiding

• A correlation matrix of the assets within your portfolio

…And gives you the knowledge you need to determine
if  your money is being invested efficiently

You Need to Know…

• Every service industry has a Lack of Information Dividend (LOID). What are you paying for your Financial LOID?

• There is mass Confusion in the investment services field due to recent legislation. As a result, the financial services industry’s lines are now blurred.

• The selection process and Training in the financial services industry is abysmal and your returns are suffering because of it.

• Ask your advisor 4 Simple Questions to determine his or her knowledge of the industry – and give you a reality check!

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